One world, two futures

A tragic tomorrow

A world where we knowingly lead our future generations towards a catastrophic climate crisis, and live with the irreversible damage our planet has incurred

A hopeful future

A world with less CO2 emissions, where our small climate conscious actions make the air breathable and life more enjoyable

How we build a greener future everyday

We capture carbon from the atmosphere

We use carbon sequestration to store the carbon from the atmosphere

We process those emissions into usable carbon

From fueling a jet to inks that print the most incredible art- this usable carbon changes the world, quite literally

Plastics, Ethanol, Liquors, AIR-INK Paints & more can be made from sequestered carbon

We fuel a greener future

Our planet-positive products bring the climate change revolution to your doorstep

Our invention


Ink made from upcycled carbon emissions - it is black, carbon negative, and directly usable in existing production lines

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Our planet-friendly partnerships

Our emission-free future

700 tonnes

of carbon sequestered through pilots in the last 3 years

6.5 Million KM

of driving emissions avoided

We have the tech to build a more sustainable future

Our products are good for the environment. They increase the efficiency of the environment

We help reduce the Carbon footprint of your brand using our carbon neutral products

Helping build a net-zero carbon earth everyday


Awards & Recognitions

"Is this the most creative way to save the planet?"

"Even hard-to-please fairy godmothers would be impressed with what Graviky Labs specialises in — creating ink out of carbon emissions"

"These artists are painting with ink made from air pollution"

Switch to a greener alternative for your business now, the planet will thank you for it

We help business become carbon negative and push frontiers in sustainablity